Taiwanese BBQ

The Annual Taiwanese BBQ is here!!
Still wondering where to go during the summer? Come and join us at the "Jingle Grill-Voice at the Cherry Beach" hosted by 11 Taiwanese Associations. There will be delicious BBQ food, bubble tea sponsored by Formocha, and fun games! Tag your friends along and YOU may be THE ONE to claim our Jingle Grill trophy!

Cherry Beach Park
Area 1 and 2
1 Cherry St, Toronto, ON

Saturday, July 29, 2017.
10:30AM - 5PM

Singing Performance - Jimmy Hsu
Dance Performance - White Tiger Dance Group
Group Competitions for the Jingle Grill trophy

[ FEE ]
Member: $15
Non-Member: $20
Children Under 12: FREE

TCAT 多倫多台灣同鄉會
TYPEA 多倫多青商會
YTMAT 多倫多青創會
YTSA 約克大學台灣同學會
TGST 多倫多大學台灣研究生協會
ROCSAUT UTSC 多倫多大學士嘉堡分校台灣同學會
ROCSAUT UTSG多倫多大學台灣同學會
KWTCA 滑鐵盧在臺同鄉會
MTSA 麥基爾大學台灣同學會
TCCSA 台灣僑民社區服務中心
WOORI 加拿大打工遊學代辦中心

Please contact the event chair for registration before July 22, 2017.
Event Chair: Chen-Wei Hsieh (647) 975-5520

Free Rap Workshop

喜歡 Hiphop 文化但是卻又看不懂技巧嗎?
這次特別邀請到來自人人有功練的小人老師,來教大家如何饒舌! 就讓我來 Rap!

North York Centre Committee Room 3
5100 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5V7

Lil Man a.k.a. 小人

7/26, 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

[ FEE ]

   Event Page for 7/18
   Event Page for 7/26
   Event Page for 8/1
   Event Page for 8/8
   Event Page for 8/15
   Event Page for 8/22

Formosan Cup Division (tFCD)

The tournament is organized by the Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto (TCAT). The storied existence of the Formosan Cup dates back to 1974 with the inaugural Formosan Cup in Toronto with a handful of teams from Toronto, Waterloo, Syracuse, Buffalo, New York, Rochester, Detroit and East Lansing. It began as an exclusively Taiwanese Men’s tournament and this annual tradition kept has begun to flourish in recent years. Today, the Formosan Cup is entering into its 40th year and is recognized as one of the premier softball events in all of North America. Not only has the Formosan Cup become a “can’t miss” event on the Toronto softball calendar, it has also become an integral family event with community leaders attending as well as other non-softball events being held throughout the weekend. Some of the extra-curricular events include the Sunday morning church service from all Taiwanese churches, the Kids Event, The TECO vs. TCAT friendly and the Appreciation Night Gala. The tournament is usually held during the Civic Holiday weekend at Milliken Mills Community Park in the town of Markham, which is regarded as Markham’s finest softball facilities. The growth of the tournament has stretched past the Taiwanese community and extended to all Asian ethnicities and the number of participants have continually grown year over year with players ranging from all ages and skill levels.

第四十四屆 壘球福爾摩沙盃 44th Formosan Cup Softball Tournament

August 5 - 7, 2017.

1. HeadQuarter: Milliken Mills Community Center, diamond #2, #4 and #5
2. Berczy Park, 1 diamond, Bur Oak and The Bridle Walk, Markham, ON L6C Canada
3. Markham Centennial Park, 2 diamonds. Highway 7 and McCowan Road, behind Markville Shopping Center

[ JOIN ]
TCAT 友誼賽
如果您已經很久沒有打 softball 但非常懷念, 想動動身體, 活動筋骨, 有興趣報名參加我們的TCAT友誼賽
請 email報名 [email protected] 或聯繫負責人 Athrun Tseng (416) 909-2026


August 25/ 26/ 27, 2017

Harbourfront Centre
235 Queens Quay W, Toronto




如果有興趣加入義工團隊的朋友們, 請儘快Email報名啦!請電郵至:[email protected]

2016 TAIWANfest Montage

2016 A Cultural Tango with Hong Kong

Taiwan Day

An annual event aims to promote and celebrate the unique Taiwanese cultural elements.

    [ DATE / TIME ]
    May 13, 2017
    11AM – 6PM

    [ LOCATION ]
    Woodbine Beach Park

    [ FEE ]

    [ 2017 EVENT OVERVIEW ]


    Public Affair Division (tPAD)

    In November of 2009, a collective effort was spearheaded by a group consisting of Kirk Lin, David Lin, Harry Tsai, Jim Tscheng, Daniel Liao, and Edward Chung to create a new segment within our venerable organization to focus much-needed attention towards the active contribution and participation in our Canadian politics at all three levels of government in an attempt to become even more mainstream and maybe attract the second and third generation of TCAT members to take a greater role in our country's matters. After a few informal meetings which yielded many great ideas, Jim Tscheng gave a presentation to the 2009-2010 TCAT board of director members, which then voted in favour of activating this new subgroup. The newly-formed Public Affairs Division ("tPAD") of the TCAT has the objective to educate our community in the many aspects of our country's democratic political process including: how our government works, the ramifications of our monetary donations, the support of leaders who are pro-Taiwan and perhaps even the fielding of a local Taiwanese-Canadian political candidate to one-day win a seat at either the municipal, provincial or federal level of government, amongst many others.

    Talent Division (tTalent)

    These talented people all originated from Taiwan and have immigrated to Canada over the years. They have gathered together to form a team to represent Taiwan to perform as proud Taiwanese-Canadian to show the Taiwanese spirit. With numerous on-stage performance, they would proof to the world that Taiwanese got talent in Canada as well.


    Hip-hop Dance


“We need your support to make it happen.”